The engine returns

I gave Colin a call the other day and he said the engine was ready to be returned. He had completely stripped it down and re-built it. When we visited to hear the engine running, I dropped off the starter motor and carburettor. He had managed to bring these back to life as well. I need to finish off the transmission clean up before I can put the engine back in the van. The front mounts are located on the engine, but the rear ones are on the transmission.

By the way…I did offer to push the sack barrow!!

Engine Returns

Work on the transmission

Finally got some time to work on the transmission. As can be seen from the pictures below, it was covered in oily grime. Both myself and Fraser spent most of the day cleaning it up. Although there is not much evidence under all that muck, it looks like it was probably painted green.

Transmission Before 3Transmission Before 2Transmission Before 1Transmission After 1

When Colin dropped the engine off, he had a look through the inspection cover and discovered that some of the gears were worn down. Whilst discussing what I needed to do, he volunteered to have a look for me. He certainly is very knowledgeable about these old vehicles and a rare find. I would like to publicly thank him for all his efforts so far; it really is much appreciated and I am learning so much from him.