Out of the Garage

For probably the first time in about a year, Stan has been out of the garage. This was only possible as I’ve now got the rear axle fitted and filled with oil. I read in the manual that it needed 3 3/4 pints of hypoid oil. This turned out to be equivalent to just over 2 litres of 80W90 oil. Although this turned out to be slightly too much, as I got to nearly 2 litres and it overfilled. So I had to remove some, as the instructions say that the oil should be level with the bottom of the stopper thread.

Now I can get the van out of the garage, I can finally get to the engine and start to connect the recently refurbished gearbox. Then I can look to get all the bit necessary to put the engine back in. I recently bought an alternator conversion kit, which should hopefully work better than the old dynamo.